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Network Update!

1.13-1.16.1 Users: There is a known bug that prompts all users, including premium accounts, to have to register and login. We are working on fixing this.

Update: The bug involving premium clients 1.13-1.16.1 having to register/login has been fixed.

Hi everyone, over the past few weeks we’ve been working on a large update that includes a new website and authentication system for non-premium/cracked accounts.

New Authentication System for Cracked Accounts

Lost Lands now officially supports cracked accounts. This means that those who have not purchased the game or would like to join with an alt but would not like to buy another copy can login. These accounts are limited to 5 per IP and must not have the username of an existing premium account (You will see either “Invalid Session” or “Bad Login”).

When joining the server, you will now connect to the authentication server. Here you will be prompted to create a password. Once created, you will be redirected to the main server. This password can be updated on our website.

What this Means for Premium Accounts and Existing Players

Premium accounts and existing players will first be connected to the authentication server, but almost immediately direct to the main server after. On first join, you will be given a password. Keep this password handy or reset it on the website. 

The Future of Accounts

Because accounts are linked with WordPress, our CMS software, we’re able to offer password resets of your account and commenting under your actual in-game name. However, we plan to expand functionality such as detailed profiles with join dates. 

Lost Passwords

If you happen to lose your password, your only option is to reach out to us at [email protected] and request a reset.