Notice for Cracked Players

For various reasons, including becoming compliant with the Minecraft EULA, we will be officially ending support for all non-premium players on October 1st, 2020. This is a decision made knowing we will lose a good portion of our community, but in order to continue to grow and seek further opportunities, we do not have any other choice. 

If you’re a cracked player, we greatly apologize for this decision. We hate to see you go, but should you ever buy Minecraft, we will be happy to migrate everything over to that account. In order for us to properly do this, however, we will need some sort of verification that you owned your previous account. The most simple way for us to do this is for you to link your Discord account. This will create a record of your Discord username and your Minecraft UUID which will allow us to easily move all player data over to your new account. 

We encourage everyone to stay in the discord and continue to be a part of the community, but we understand your departure if you choose to leave. 

To begin our process of moving back to premium-only, no new cracked accounts will be allowed to join. 

We hope you understand,
Lost Lands Staff